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Rachael had been running Google Ads for some time but was looking to optimise her Search and Shopping campaigns and drive down the cost per sale. Together we have worked hard to restructure and optimise her campaigns according to best practice, ensuring her budget stretched as far as possible for maximum return. 

In the first 12 months I doubled her sales for the same ad spend which is quite extraordinary. Since then, having built up a trusting working relationship, we have incrementally scaled her Google Ads campaigns which now deliver a significant proportion of her monthly revenue.

To build upon our achievements we looked to utilise other paid digital channels, ensuring all Rachael’s eggs weren’t in one basket. We have built Microsoft Search Ads to capitalise on more Search traffic, developed a LinkedIn retargeting campaign to nurture warm leads and more recently implemented a full funnel Facebooks Ads campaign to ensure we are taking advantage of every opportunity. 

I am always on hand as a sounding board for Rachael and we have regular meetings to think about her overall digital strategy and footprint. I keep her up to date on emerging trends to ensure her business is always one step ahead.

My work on Rachael’s PPC accounts for 40% for her monthly revenue.

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