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You might be surprised to learn that I formerly owned this business and sold it to Sarah in September 2019.

I started the business in 2009 and in 2013 I began my career in Digital Marketing so I knew the importance of branding, good web design & the potential a well configured PPC campaign would have on the growth of the business.

I invested in a professional photo shoot and partnered with a local designer and together we created the brand and website. We took care of everything from the design, copywriting and imagery to the onsite optimisation to ensure visibility on Google. I also configured the social and PPC channels to engage local customers.

When I sold the business to Sarah I was keen to pass on all my knowledge and skills and be part of the continuing success of the agency. We partnered and I now manage her Google Ads campaign and we have had a power hour together where I passed on some valuable skills on how to maximise her social media channels.

Sarah says “I can definitely tell the difference it makes with extra work coming in” when her Google Ads are running.

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